CCMS concerts begin at 3:00 pm, doors open at 1:30 pm for the pre-concert lecture. Patrons should arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the performance to allow ample time to use the Hall’s facilities, find seats, and settle in for the performance.

Late Seating

Late seating during the concert will take place during the first convenient pause in the program. Late seating during the pre-concert lecture is permitted.

During the Performance

Ushers are stationed at entrances and exits. If you must leave your seat, please proceed quickly and quietly to the nearest door or ask the nearest usher for assistance.

Electronic Devices

Cellular phones, beepers, watches, electronic organizers, and other noise-alarm devices should be switched to silent mode or turned off completely.


Please applaud only at the close of a full piece of music. The program page, which lists individual movements of longer compositions, and the program notes can help you follow the orchestra’s progress through each piece and determine the appropriate moments to applaud.

Program Notes

For information on a particular concert, please see the program notes found in the program book. We encourage everyone to attend the informative and entertaining pre-concert lectures given by noted musicologist Steven Ledbetter. The lecture provides background on the composers, the composition process, the story behind the music, and previous performances, as well as highlights significant passages or instruments.


There is a short 15 minute intermission at each concert. No food or beverage is allowed inside the the concert hall.

Cameras and Recording Equipment

Camera and recording equipment are prohibited during concerts.